Reality stars wish to be this cute or likeable!

Recently lots of noise hit the Internet about quarterback Tim Tebow, known for his beliefs and philanthropy almost more than his football. Today the glamorous Golden Globes paid tribute to those most talented this year in their craft. I got to see some of my favorite stars that used to wink at me from my teenage closet door, (who aged well, much to my delight), and fondly recalled life before Reality Stars.

The fact that I currently hold disdain for people like the Jersey cast and the K3 Sisters, probably shouts that I’m getting old. Honestly, it goes against my disposition to dislike anyone as I’m always finding the best in people, offering them the benefit of the doubt, seeing things from their perspective, and at least, taking them for face value in the moment.

I do not like this obsession with becoming famous just to be famous. I feel like if someone emerges more talented than their peers, then they deserve recognition. I’ll even agree that knowing how to manipulate media to get famous with no talent does mean that you’re skilled at something – or hired great people. But when you get to the top and all the kids around the world want to be you and all you provide is drama, tantrums, and ridiculously outlandish lifestyles – what are you worth?

This attitude – cute when you’re 4, not at 20!

I hear people in office jobs talking like the K3 sisters and cringe. Gag me with a spoon! OH! Mark this day – I understand my parents’ motivation when they insisted I give up Valley Girlese! I’ll even say that originally, I admired KMom for wanting to make sure that her KKids are set for life without financial worries. However, in light of the recent wedding fiasco, the motivation extends beyond comfort to downright greed. I come from non-profits and that money could be put to a myriad of better uses. All it would take for me to return to the comfort level of agreeing to disagree and laughing at “kids these days” would be if they donated the money from the short-term union. They can keep their fans, possibly earn a few more, if they showed (pretended) to care about someone beside themselves.

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