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Every Monday, the coffee-time banter repeats,

“How was your weekend?”  “Great, but too short!

While I’m designing a time-travel machine with settings to speed up work-weeks, or slow down weekends, meanwhile, I’m determined to maximize precious relaxation time. This pep-talk stands to convince me that downtime will even present itself as, today, we split time between two season openers, two sets of team pictures at opposite times, opposite fields, and one ball game.

Still smiling…

Despite this, I woke up determined to celebrate today.  I asked, “What Would Oprah Do?” I know whom she’d call first, I used to work for Marc who designed all of her fantastic invitations. With 16 hours between leaving and retrieving my kids, my plan must be simpler than hers.

As soon as I kissed the kids goodnight, I hit the car wash. There, I pondered what girlfriends and I did when we hung out as teens.

Once home, I lit smelly candles – the warm glow sweetened the air, plus I get a wish when blowing them out.

Everything looks better with candlelight!

I straightened up, turned on the party lights for the important guest – me!

I love the added sparkle of the holiday lights and kept them up!

I colored my hair,

Wait, this isn’t the kit that does perfect make up too?

…played a few games of Bejeweled Blitz – my pre-blog timesuck

My high score for the week still blows compared to my sister. No sibling rivalry here.

…did a pinterest project: two-tone nails!  I learned a) how hard it is to coordinate colors in a jar; b) how wrinkly my hands look from bad angles and c) how tough posing your hand is. Since I’m right-handed, the other one looks like I clawed my way out of the little league snack bar.

Had to be mildly conservative because of my job.

I ordered dinner, which prompted a topic for the near future – FCW! I used my pretty chopsticks.

Since this posting will be done before 11pm, a movie or book follows.

Wait… don’t throw a pity party for me,

“What’ll Sarah try next, eating alone at a restaurant? Seeing movies by herself?! We need to get her a man/friend/dog!”  Turns out, my girlfriend Oprah agrees with the value of solitary time. With under 24 hours to recharge, no offense, I don’t feel like speaking to anyone. I value my friendships more than ever, but I’m learning to value myself more too.

Gotta go, as the hostess of this party, I must get back!


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