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I suffer from an ailment common for women.  It strikes without warning and no vaccine exists.  It causes trembling, racing hearts, sweaty palms, hysteria, weak knees and passing out.  It’s Matchbox Twenty Mania! I’ve kept it under control, but tonight this Facebook post caused a flare up:

Cut another song for the new Matchbox Twenty album

and having a nightcap with Kyle. – Rob Thomas

I learned about Rob from a cool chick bubbling like a giddy schoolgirl.  I didn’t understand why she gushed over a guy that looked like anyone from my school. Nonetheless, when another pal asked me to attend an MB20 concert, I went.

Photo courtesy of Tanya Salvini – fellow fanatic!

Though far from their stage, from the first note, I fell into the lyrics written by this MAN and the energy and heart of their songs.

Here’s what sets them apart:

1)    The band are approachable HOT dudes – so normal anyone could land them!

2)    He’s a man who communicates his feelings well and often!

Thank you Will and Tanya for amazing shots!

3)    He’s married to a beautiful wife whom he adores! That adds meaning to his love songs. We love him in love!

4)    They’re confident, not trying to portray anything but themselves.

Smooth! Obviously my fave!

5)    They bring it on stage! Guys willing to give you their all and love it are HOT!

For more shots of the band, click on the picture!

I instantly became a card-carrying MB20 fan and hysterical behavior ensued.  I saw them many times with many people, so those years blur.

Here are some highlights:

1)    Attending an intimate show at The Troubadour! My friend and I were close enough to touch him!  Our screaming became immortalized when they released that show as an EP.

You can see my friend in the video, lucky girl!

2)    8-months pregnant, I took that EP to the Palace for their DVD release party!  I got all 5 members’ signatures and hoped to leave a vivid memory by giving birth to Roberta Thomasina there!

3)    Seeing MB20 Tape Leno: Left work early to attend Leno with MB20 performing – tantalizing trifecta!

4)    Took my son to their show for his first rock concert!

Thanks for the great shots Tanya!

This represents a slice of my Fanatic Fan years, but now I’m conditioning myself for the next tour.

Share your favorite band (MB20 or other) experiences in the comments  – I’m sure we’ll agree!


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