Hugs, not drugs – goes for cold medicine too!

I love that most of the people I know live to help others. Whether training for endurance events to find cures for cancer, helping a single mom get her kids to practices promptly, or dishing out gently necessary advice, my friends’ experience and abilities cover a wide range! I wouldn’t expect anything less than brilliant and informational when it comes to treating my cold this week.

I grew up with a Dr. in the house so I’m used to someone telling me what to do and I’d feel better. No secret elixir exists but a simple and regular dose of fluids taken orally mixed with washing your hands regularly cured most ailments! As a result, I also lack a gut feeling when diagnosing myself so I tend to over-diagnose based on Internet information. The same happens when it comes to treating said illnesses.

Hang nail, laceration – soap and water will take care of that!

Fortunately, advice flows freely from well-meaning friends as soon as they recognize that you’re [Insert one: sick/pregnant/getting married]. Let’s put what they swear by, or their mama’s do, here, out on the table and see what develops.

1) Zinc – People swear by Zinc to shorten colds. Reportedly, zinc adheres to the inside lining of your sinuses, thereby rendering germs expansion into the area futile.

2) Carrot, Apple and Strawberry Juice – for drinking and coating your nose – If zinc fails to hold the cold at bay, this scrapes your insides removing any unwanted bugs. NOTE: I overheard yesterday that one must currently avoid foreign apple juice due to cyanide scares – what next? Please coat your nose at home – orange carrots stain!

The Cure-all!

3) Use Perrier or Pellegrino mineral water – non-fruity – in your nebulizer – The minerals allegedly strip the insides of your nose in this hard-core humidifier.

4) Mucinex Comes recommended from my Doctor but I’m only on 1/2 a dose because I need to outlast my kids in the evening!

5) Eat Spicy Foods/Swim Laps – All serving the purpose to clear your sinuses – once you leave the pool.

You got me feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!!

REMEMBER: I’m not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on TV, so please don’t consider any of this information as sound medical advice. These statements are purely just for yucks about getting the yucks.

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    1. 6) SUNSHINE – The sunny sentiment and warm reception from fellow bloggers makes one forget any ailment immediately!
      Thank you for your kind words and the nomination! Thank you for wandering by!

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