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Unplug from your fantastic games and pay close attention. You have the rare opportunity of April Fool’s Day falling on a weekend which means a whole day of pranks without the interruption of school! This posting contains an arsenal of tried and true April Fool’s pranks to play on your whole family! Effective and free monkey business without being hurtful or harmful.

WARNING: Use at your own risk! Not responsible for wedgies or nougies or any other payback and please keep the pets and grandparents out of it. 

• Put a thin layer of Vaseline on Dad’s deodorant.
• Put Salt in the sugar bowl or sugar in the salt shaker!

Either way it’s nasty!

• Freeze all of big sister’s bras and underwear – Get them damp, lay them in the freezer!
• If your folks buy cardboard milk cartons, add a few drops of food coloring.
• Short sheet big brother’s bed – Don’t know what that means? Ask your parents, they may help you do it!
• Put cat or dog food in the cereal box (store cereal somewhere else until the prank is done!)

It’s all about the presentation! Can you tell which is for humans’ breakfast?

• Set the clocks forward and see how long it takes people to figure out their alarm clock woke them up 2 hours early!
• Tell your parents that you were afraid to tell them that Friday at school you got in trouble, sent to the principal and have a note from the teacher. Give your folks an envelope with a note in it that says “April Fool’s!” – Must be able to keep a straight face!
• Superglue a quarter to the sidewalk in front of your house and watch people try to pick it up – Get your big siblings to help with the glue.
• Bunch up toilet paper and stick it in your family’s shoes so their feet won’t fit.

Get the tissue way in there and from the top they won’t see it!

• Make buggy ice cubes – Put little knots of black thread, or use your fake spiders, and freeze them into ice cube trays. Drop it into someone’s lemonade!

If you can look honestly surprised when the tricks are discovered, you may even get away with them! Maybe…

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  1. We used to do pranks (vaseline on the toilet seat, anyone? rubber banding the sprayer nozzle on the sink so when you turn on the water, it sprays you instead? loosening the salt shaker lid?)…

    But then we found out that one of our dearest friends passed away on April 1, and we decided that we needed to do something different. It has a different association now. “Uncle Mark” was so fond of our girls, and such a good adopted uncle, we changed April Fool’s Day to be a day full of surprises…but they are good ones.

    Surprise donut for breakfast? Yep. Surprise day off school and a trip to a favorite science museum? Yep. Those are the sorts of things we do.

    We are still trying to think of what we’re going to do tomorrow, since the youngest has a birthday party to go to, but whatever it is, the surprise will be good and fun. It’s the best way we can honor Mark, who was a great guy with a heart of gold, who would never do anything other than good for anyone else.

    You can tell we miss him still.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

    1. Oh that is such a beautiful way to honor him!! Pleasant Surprise Day may become a new holiday in our house! Thank you for sharing this! I appreciate you wandering by!

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