The Gift that keeps on giving… Love it!

Today’s continuation of 24 hours of doing anything I want, wound up being just what I needed although not from my original list.

Slept in: I finally slept in! Songs blared from my iPhone for minutes, but I snored on. I slept so late that I did not get any coffee until 3pm. I didn’t get caffeine=withdrawal headaches either!

Laundry: Really?! OK, not a purposeful addition to my list. The spin I put on it centers around my “rule” that when I fold the 4 loads of laundry, that gives me full freedom to watch reality TV!

Wayne Dyer, PhD DVD: In yesterday’s cleaning, a DVD emerged that I held captive at home for a month! I couldn’t send it back unwatched, plus on a slow, sunny, spiritual Sunday, watching Wayne Dyer would be more inspiring than Hoarders. This introduction to him felt comfortable and straightforward. Part of it a result of the fact that he expanded on a sentiment I’d brought up on my blog before – If I’m Not Worried, Don’t Worry!

He went one step farther suggesting our “problems” aren’t with the world around us, they are based on our perception, in other words – all in our heads! If you look at a situation, it’s simply a moment in time whether big, small, short or tall. When we mix in our ego, defining ourselves by what we have, what others think about us, what work we do, and feel we’re not measuring up to others, then our problems start and take over.

He presented many great things to reflect upon. It all hit such a big chord with me that I need to simmer on the ideas!

Daughter’s Softball: Sheer joy for and from her!

Sa-wing Battah!

Dinner and Wine with friends: A few school fundraising moms and I gathered and continued down our path towards our goal. We discussed and discredited a few “problems” we detected. Disengaging and absorbing the power that something has on us felt energizing

It also sent a strong message that my best days ever could be any day – with or without the mundane or big adventures, since it’s all in my mind and how I choose to see and feel things!

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