My desire for everything Spanish grew to such proportions that I thought my ethnic other half might be Spanish. I didn’t know how else to explain the strong pull that the country had on me. I curiously sifted through my youth to see what I could explain it.

BOOKS: The story of Ferdinand the Bull, a bull who doesn’t realize his own strength and who prefers loving over fighting, taught me the lessons about towns uniting over traditions and being true to yourself, following your passion. Through the black and white drawings, I saw colorful flags flying at the bullfight, smelled the flowers in the lady’s hair, and felt shiny metal swords and even buttons on the matador’s coats.

One of my kids and my favorite books – to this day!

MUSIC: Bugs Bunny first introduced me to the Barber of Seville with humor, but the fact that Bugs took on such a strong presence while massaging the scalp of Elmer Fudd made an impression. The powerful exchange and pace of the music coupled with their large antics made it my immediate favorite – and I watched hours of Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings, probably hoping to re-live one favorite clip.

I can’t pick a favorite part of this cartoon symphony!

FASHION: I’ve long been obsessed with the colors, fluidity and movement of Flamenco dresses, and matador fashions. Having the men show up for their national pastime in beautifully embroidered shoulder pads, with tailored silhouettes presents a whole new sport than the NFL shoulder pads I was accustomed to. The women’s intentional dance steps emphasized by flashes of color and flowing rich fabrics raised my heartbeat!

The ultimate, multi-level twirling skirts!

MEN:In college, a last minute fix-up to go to a concert, pinned me against the wall with one arm, looked deep into my eyes and in his amazingly seductive accent whispered “So… do you want to make luffff?!” For a split second I was transported to Spain imagining that the chill I felt up my spine was from new romance born against the ancient bricks of a medieval castle, not me scraping my back down cheap cinderblock trying to escape. In a different time and place, new doors of opportunity may open!

Is it the spicy food or something else, I feel a little flustered!

Thanks for wandering with me through my ultimate destination. What tops your list of the places you must visit?

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  1. Whahahaha! Oh, I loved Ferdinand the Bull and Bugs Bunny! 🙂
    Those Flamenco dresses are gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind having one myself for sure. 🙂
    Whahahahaha! Seriously? “Do you want to me lufffff?” LOL!
    Oh, I think I had too much spicy food as well. I feel flustered too. hehehehe

    I would just like to go to Switzerland. Why I don’t know. Maybe because I was watching “Heidi” too much. I always imagine being there on top of the mountains in a little wooden cabin, drinking goat milk and melted cheese on bread. Good heavens! I’ve never told this out loud to anyone before! Let me go and hide under the wash basin. LOL!

  2. I was born in Seville (air force brat), and that country, though dirt-poor at the time, was amazing. Ferdinand the Bull was my favorite book, and I love Bugs Bunny to this day! Do you remember the one where he was a bullfighter? “What a maroon. What an imBULLcile. What a ninCOWpoop.” Priceless.

    1. Oooh, I think it’s worth trying to find it on youtube! I will look for it, it sounds vaguely familiar! IT’s been a long time since the last time I watched, besides The Barber of Seville! So glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who loved those goodies! Thanks for wandering by!

  3. Me too, Sarah … let’s go! Back in the last century I was fortuntate enought to visit Spain at least 5 times when I was young, but I remember so much and would like to go back again for a long stay or to live for a spell! xoxo

    P.S. Thanks so much, too, for posting on my “new” WP blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what a great blog YOU have, and how much we have in common. : )

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