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Your precarious mission:
Retrieve from a local store (in under 15 minutes):

S. – SANDWICH BAGS: Holds survival snacks

M. – MOISTURIZER: Best youthful disguise

I. – ICE CREAM: Your civilian “purpose” for trip

L. – LIPGLOSS: Mesmerizing barely-there color with specific shimmer distracts others

E. – EFFICIENCY: It’s a streamline grab-n-dash operation

Should any of your Force be detained, we will deny our alliance.  Good luck.

Fool-proof (or foolish) disguises!

Entering the building, sticking to the inside perimeter, we pinpointed cosmetics but packaging changes were tough to decipher!  Fragrances lured my daughter and despite orders to resist, it had her by the nose.

My son retreated to “The library” to rework our covert operations, so I pursued moisturizers. My daughter reworked the once-threatening trap creating an impenetrable cocktail of potent, incapacitating cheap scents to thwart opposition.

You tell me which is more lethal!

Arriving early at the agent retrieval point, my son met us magazine in hand. The decision to detour temporarily from the plan, set off a chain of events.

While standing down amongst the magazines, my daughter ripped one. Throwing it in our basket, I quickly reverted to our plan. Despite our calm exterior, tears compromised my daughter’s eyes. Afraid she would blow our cover, we soothed her and continued on towards ice cream.

Flavors carefully selected, my son safely requested a cup while my daughter and I scoffed at danger choosing sharper cones. Waiting to pay and anticipating our getaway, Lauren’s ice cream hit the floor threatening toes of flip-flopped civilians.  My confidence shaken in Lauren’s “Don’t cry over spilled cones or torn pages” training, Carson diverted her for a replacement as I quickly paid.

Almost home free, we headed towards the exit. Alarmingly, horns and lights screamed, pointing at us!  Fortunately, the store – hoping to avoid more explosions – shoo’d us out. We quickly jumped in the car for our clean getaway!

After buckling in, a tell-tale cracking sound ignited my reflex and slowed time.  I honed in on another mid-air ice cream bomb threatening to contaminate the car’s interior. My focus muted the kids’ screams as I diffused the threat. With non-stop movement, one hand lowered windows as the other scooped the ice cream, launching it out the window.

Disaster averted!

Mission Accomplished!

What’d we forget?

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