I hate that my cats know that when I’m home, they must act like model citizens and walk on the floor, sleep in their beds, and not scratch the couch. Because I’ve returned home unexpectedly and the cats freeze from their tabletop perch hoping if they don’t move, I won’t see them. I’ve heard them sneaking booty calls with my kids’ stuffed animals and I wash my dishes before using them because my cat loves the coolness of the fry pan. This week, the rules changed!

Last week while it poured, I sat typing my blog. I put my foot down accidentally on a toy and reactively lifted my foot – it ran away! Somehow a big beetle crawled into our home and its size paralyzed me. Thankfully Moonshine cornered it and ripped out a corner of the carpet hunting it. Knowing Buggy’s time was limited, I left before the tell-tale crunch.

Moonshine the fierce hunter!

One week later I opened a kitchen drawer and Buggy, startled by the light, scrambled for darkness. AAH! Still alive and running loose in my cabinets, somehow it climbed up several feet! I immediately gave my cats full permission to do whatever it took – climbing in cabinets, patrolling pillows – leave no object unturned!

Tonight, my cat sat propped again by the kitchen cabinets anticipating some invisible enemy. I usually play along tossing a napkin before his face to see how high he jumps backwards. Tonight, however, I left him patrolling. He pounced! He only does that if he has something! I lifted my feet up off the carpet and tried to focus on anything else.

I noticed Moonshine sitting proudly looking at something moving slowly on the carpet. With the stunned bug, I leaped at the chance! I rinsed out my latte (don’t want this bug caffeinated or it’ll double in strength!) and used the lid to trap him in the cup. Much as I wanted to hurl Buggy, I gently placed him outside on a plant.

See him on the right? Still haunts me!

I minimized the creepiness by calling Buggy a beetle, but is this really a cockroach, EW?! Maybe the kids and I will tone down our Beatles obsession as it’s attracting the wrong sort of creepy characters!

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  1. OMG, that bug is big enough for you to charge him rent! Kudos to you for giving him a reprieve. I don’t think I would’ve been as forgiving. He’s one lucky bug that Moonshine didn’t get to him first!

    1. It took a lot for me not to squish him and when I told my kids they said “That thing was huge! You should have killed it, it’ll come back!” Usually they’re the one lecturing me to let creatures live. Thanks for wandering by!

    1. Oh goodness. I was joking with my kids when I told them that if he liked the place, that he’d be back with his whole huge family. UGH! I am not doubting that they’re around, but usually we don’t see them unless it’s flooding outside. Ew! Thanks for wandering by!

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