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Perhaps I’ve lived too long with cats, or I’m just spoiled by Southern California, but I’m not a rain lover.  I love the consistent chilly mornings with clouds that burn off to reveal blue skies and a warm sun that sets back into a cooler evening.

Knowing that rain heads my way for this weekend instantly sets me into cave mode. I will shop for hibernation food, read books, watch movies, do my taxes, blog and sleep.


Perhaps it’s me, but there are rain systems that I haven’t worked out efficiently:

1)    HAIR AND MAKEUP – My Asian straight hair defers to curly cowlicks leaving me sporting “Bed Head” looks – not the sexy kinds rocking the runways of Fashion week.  I use waterproof mascara daily and while waterproof make-up exists, it feels like a cheap plastic Halloween mask, plus I don’t want to buy separate make-up for rare rainy days!

In the 80’s I’d have killed for bangs that high!

2)    UMBRELLAS – I never figured out an efficient system for umbrellas. I’d open it, run to the car, throw this wet thing inside, dampening my car’s interior. It’d mix with the dried grass from various fields that my kids frequent. During the seasons, it’s an uphill battle to vacuum regularly and I never get it all. When I open the grass-covered umbrella heading to work, it seems easier to just jog lightly between raindrops.

Raindrops keep falling on my head…

3)    ATTIRE – I don’t own rain clothes or shoes.  I am a flip-flops girl when not at work, even in light rain, and prefer wearing layers. Chances are rare that the weathermen’s prediction of rain prove accurate so it doesn’t justify the extra room in my closet. I just wear more layers and add a scarf for head cover!

Jumping in Puddles – left over childhood pleasure!

4)    DRIVING – People in So Cal do not know how to drive in the weather.  I know the rule of adjusting speed downward to accommodate for increased water on the roads but most don’t so I prefer to stay out of their way while they play freeway slip-and-slide.

Slow down people!

So I am dubbing this weekend my boggy bloggy weekend to tweak some things and plan for others, and perhaps write the most brilliant post of my short career thus far.  I’ll be playing indoors!

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  1. Great great post! I feel that way too when all is gloomy here from rain too. I get me a kit prepared…. A book, movie, popcron or a snack and a nice warm blanket to curl up on the couch.

    1. Oh yes, I love popcorn and I will admit that I have a blue sky with white fluffy clouds snuggie ready to watch movies in! 😀 Almost 24 hours later, no rain yet! Thanks for wandering by!

    1. I’m still skeptical about our weather forecasters down here. The clouds are dark but I don’t see rain anywhere! Fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you blog about this weekend! Thanks for wandering by!

    1. Oh wow, beautiful!! Like above Marin County? I need to get up there. I’ve been as far as Marin and then places well above San Fran, but need to do the big natural spots like the Redwoods! Thanks for wandering by!

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