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My family has always loved OREO cookies, the original ones (Double stuff included). When OREO first introduced golden ones, I tried them – once. When the birthday flavor came out, again, we tried them but ran back to the original recipe. When Thins first appeared, we were not even interested. Our cookie logic believed that OREO cookies = good, Double stuff = good2, but this thin cookie (a fraction of the size) = ⅓(good). We weren’t interested in tasting mint because it’d be a poor substitute for real mint cookies sold by real girls.

While applying for this chatterbox and being swept up in OREO-mania, our OREO auras became far more colorful. We learned about Red Velvet – hands down our new favorite. We tried Cinnamon Roll and admired their authentic flavor! We tried OREO Mint Thins and went head-to-head with those other mint cookies. Just know if you’re not finding special limited flavors in the cookie aisle, look for endcaps – my Kroeger Ralphs stores them there.


WTF: Wait, Three Flavors?!

When we received our Chatterbox coupons, we went with Red, Mint and (new to us) chocolate filling. We played it safe some with flavors. Red Velvet were made for mixing and matching because the cookies separate easily from the centers – maybe too easily, falling into my milk without a paddle! I loved the consistency of the chocolate filling – much softer. However, it was tougher to separate from the cookie. So we’d usually keep those intact and add the other flavors to it. Thins don’t separate easily but, kept intact, add a great crisp flavor layer between the others.

Our Three-Thumb review is 3-thumbs WAY up! My teenage son didn’t Open Up (it’s a teen thing) and layered cookies together in mouthfuls. My tween daughter remained a purist with her project removing all but the outermost 2 shells. Myself, I made stacked cookie treats in many varieties! Customizeable OREO fun will appear at our next sleepover, team or birthday party! I’m also curious to step beyond our comfort zones with lemon and birthday cake. I hope it tastes like lemon loaf! OREO found a way to take a classic and turn it up a notch into cool, creative, crunchy combinations!

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