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This question fits well into the conversations being held about the results of tomorrow’s United States Presidential election. While everyone else who threatened to move to Canada packs their bags, I’ll be heading to a different region. Right now it’s a two-way tie between 2 locations where it’s a gift to be able to take up residence in either town.


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To me, this charming yet sturdy medieval area offers a romantic lifestyle filled with rolling lavender fields, weekend mornings spent walking through narrow streets to wide-open markets only to return with a basket filled with fresh flowers, produce and meat. One’s country home truly may be a castle, as sturdy as the medieval ones sprinkled throughout the valleys.  Walking into the ruins of any castle sends you back in time in history.  

Life feels simpler, yet more luxurious when starting the day rising slowly from your cloud of down beds and comforters. Vibrant purple lavender covers the countryside, bright yellow sunflowers populate the fields, and lemon yellow, blue, green and red cover many tables in town.  At the same time, one may wander from their farmhouse into a Michelin starred restaurant that serves the region’s best vintage wines and unforgettable food.


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A certain confidence comes from living on top of a volcanic eruption, separate from other parts of the world on this island in the Aegean Sea.  One feels closer to God (or the Gods, based on Greek Mythology) based on the altitude and the frequency of beautifully domed churches.  In other parts of the world the layout of the island, with literally so many people living on top of each other, could test even people’s strongest nerves. In Santorini, the proximity means you have others to appreciate nature’s gifts with – as witnessed by how the whole island seems to take a break during the transition from day to night celebrating each sunset.

One feasts like the Gods with fresh Greek salads, feta cheese, phyllo dough drizzled in honey, fresh meats and sea foods nourishing our bodies. Suddenly the sculptures of the Greek Gods seem accurate in their portrayal of health and strength and totally achievable… until the ouzo and baklava comes out.  

Both of these places slow life down unapologetically and remind us that we are fortunate to inhabit this Earth. They’ve both been around for ages so stop and sit, listen and learn a while.

So VOTE in the comments! Where should I go? Where would you go?
Would you stay in your country, but just visit another state/province/territory?
Where have you visited that was the strongest departure from where you live?
What about you?
If you had to move to a state or country other than the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
If you answer, drop your links in the comments!
This question came from Marc & Angel’s 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

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  1. I left the US a long time ago for many reasons, but thought I would always return. But then the choice came to return, I found I had grown into this place – Norway. Never would have imagined it. It is cold and quiet and – well, at times, very boring. But sometimes we don’t know what we love until we move from it. This election is horrific. I do hope people hold to what they love and stay realistic in terms of imaginary alternate utopias. They don’t really exist. 🙂 But that said, – yeah, love the south of France. Let me superimpose a Scottish castle in the countryside – add the smell of the juniper bushes in Croatia, and I’ll would live there forever.

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing about the paths other people have traveled. Sometimes a change in pace is exactly what people need and you were brave enough to leap! Thanks for wandering by!

  2. I love both of your choices! I’ve never been out of North America (just the US & Mexico) and France and Greece are on my bucket list. I’d love to try Spain or Portugal too!

    1. Oh yes, absolutely! Spain is on my bucket list as well and I’ve heard wonderful things about Portugal! Mexico can feel far enough away on some of those gorgeous beaches!! Thanks for wandering by!

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