QUESTIONif you could pick any fictional character to be your country’s leader – who would it be and why? (My answer is at the bottom)


Here in the USA, today is voting day. No matter what your opinions are – whether you vote for the strong leader or the lesser of two evils, you must celebrate your right to vote by getting out there and doing it!

Forgot to mail in your absentee ballot? Fill it out and drop it off at a polling location near you! (I mailed mine in so I could blog instead of vote on my lunch hour).

You can’t whine about who the President is for the next 4 years if you don’t get out there and try to be a part in deciding him today. Plus there are so many other significant things on the ballot in your local regions.

My fictional character that I would choose to be president would be James Bond (stretching the rules of what it takes to be US President). I feel that much of the international issues would be resolved, perhaps we’d have some greater leaps with technology and I’d watch every speech because he’s powerful, dreamy and single! [Let your mind wander after your favorite Bond President…]

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