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I hate lying. Every physical sign revealing a liar calls me out if I try. I prefer being trustworthy and get anxious if trying to keep lies straight.  To know this much about my reactions to lying implicates me as having lied at some point. I cannot tell a lie…

We all know of his trials and tribulations!

Being a parent, creativity flows when barraged with questions. Do white lies keeps things smooth or blow up, causing more damage, if revealed?  I’ve lied to my children’s faces about Santa trying to prolong their magical childhood. My son followed a creative schedule to stop believing in Santa, Hungarian St. Nick, and the Tooth Fairy and I couldn’t keep track.  One night, my daughter lost a tooth and my wallet only held plastic. Relieved for a bail out, I burst into my son’s room, “Please loan me silver dollars tonight, I’ll double your money tomorrow.” His eyes went from dollar signs to moist as he replied, “Now I know the truth about the tooth fairy.” Shoot!

Are omissions of truth, to shield someone from undue stress, lies?  What if you get diagnosed with something and don’t want your kids to worry?  What if you lose your job and don’t want to distress your folks? What if you get paired up with an ex-beau in a wedding party and don’t want to alarm your current beau?  How about glossing over answers?  A recent accident resulted in a precarious dance between what truths my kids needed to know and avoiding details too large to process.  What if you text that you’re stuck in traffic when you’re at Happy Hour? Lying about your age? We wouldn’t dare!

Consider the following before speaking: Whose business it is, how the knowledge will be utilized, if your lie harms or protects someone, and what do you gain? I err on the side of Karma. I believe if you call in sick when healthy (or blame it on family members) you or your scapegoat contracts the worst flu; peeing in a pool turns the water purple; faking a clean bill of health leaves people to diagnose you online with something way worse. Let’s give each other credit and keep it real!  Thoughts?

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