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Numbers and I remain cordial. By accident, or my ethnicity, I usually score well on math tests. However, the more I think about numbers, the faster my head spins.

I started this blog for the daily discipline to write and to live the joy discovered by breathing life into creative tidbits that I wander across, then releasing them.

Numbers taunt me. From the first day, when the numbers passed a level high enough to show more than just my family read the blog, my mind created challenges. 1) Get 10 new readers a day/3 followers a week; 2) How fast will I get to 100, 1,000; 3) Does social media affect the outcome? My body viscerally reacts to numbers and as they grow, so, too, does my excitement! Add the touching, personal comments left by readers and I cannot stop! These people wandering with me keep me from being the nutball laughing alone at her own jokes.

Numbers milestones. I give myself a “Woot woot!” anytime my numbers feel great – when I’d hit a high score, then passed 100 readers and hoped to do it again that week. These numbers tickled me pink… UNTIL – I watched the first iCarly episode and on her fictional TV show their webcast got 27,000 hits their first day! I joked about it, but inside my self rattled a bit. The same week, I got a link to a video for Walk Off the Earth’s Gotye cover song that increases by 100,000 views per hour and is now over 65 MILLION views!

Number nonsense. I remembered advice I picked up somewhere: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, only worry about yourself and doing YOUR best! This phrase gets repeated to my son when he worries about letting his team down, or when my daughter tattles, “He didn’t do what you asked.” I remembered that I’m new to this blogosphere. I will learn, it may take time. The fact that anyone wanders through and that my numbers doubled in my second (shorter) month feels great right now.

Make personal goals, meet and celebrate them! Then, don’t forget to make a few new ones. What’s your next blogging goal – numbers or not?

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  1. You’ll get there, don’t worry! Took me almost a full year (it was 10 months) to start getting random comments from readers I didn’t know on my blog. I’ve found that most people find me through my photos – so take & post great pictures and name them as if you were a stranger doing a google search who wanted to see a photo like you took. (And if you use someone else’s photo, just remember to link back to the original source – if you can find it).

    Here’s the wordpress support info about getting more traffic. You are off to a good start! =)

    1. Thank you for the helpful tips! I will take my laptop outside for some sun to kill the pasty-white blogger image and do some reading! I appreciate you wandering through and leaving gifts!

  2. Numbers make my head spin too. For me goals tend to be more appealing when they reflect growth, like being consistent with my posts and changing my reliability habits.

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