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Today’s post showcased Boba Fett-ish undies that I NEED for my next running race: a leg of the 136-mile Olympic-style torch run to Comic-Con International (I’ve never been and only hope to attend once so why not?!). The evening quickly fell to the Dark Side while rushing my kids to overlapping baseball/softball practices. I tried using the Force to split lanes and keep lights green. Our timely arrival was doomed the minute I left work at the time Lauren’s practice began.

Mater Landspeeder courtesy of Geekologie

We dropped Carson at his field and raced towards Lauren’s practice field far, far away. While driving, I cursed the popularity of the game – forcing the numerous practices and whoever thought working people could make it by 5pm. I cursed my inability to stay home, parent and chauffer. I cursed the lottery for not selling me the winning ticket so I could stay home with only a delicious male chef.

More please!

We safely engaged light speed to make the departing words and meet the girls. We arrived one minute too late. Defeated, we turned the ship around, heading for home. My mind flipped through possible co-chauffers yet I hated that someone else would drive my kids to their practices – not me.

Then two things happened. http://fromundermanyhats.com posted her “Thankful Thursday” topping the list with family. I also got wrapped up in a Views numbers game. Together they reminding me what I AM thankful for!

My children and family earn the #1 spot, friends a close #1 ½. At the top of the rest, I am thankful for this blog that affords me strolling breaks with friends. Having this creative outlet and hobby, these conversations (love feedback) fill me up. I’m tired from staying up. Fresh experiences and perspective don’t present themselves as effortlessly now that I work. But, I’m grateful that thus far, I’ve forced daily topics and enjoy them as they revealed themselves to me. I’ve neglected my house, some calls and even Netflix (send it back unwatched!), but it’s more fun and rewarding than watching Star Wars marathons. I love that “I made this!” and that other people tag along.

So, thank you for wandering with me! See you tomorrow, same place!

BONUS:  As a thank you, here is a Star Wars Gem: Improv Everywhere’s Star Wars on a New York Subway CLICK HERE!

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  1. I’m so happy and thankful you were able to end your day with a grateful heart and mind. With all the things we regularly go through we often think they will get better over time but nothing else helps the process along than a grateful attitude. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I’m thankful I could help. 🙂

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