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While putting my kids to sleep my son asked how long it takes me to write my nightly blog. On average, 2 hours – when I know my topic ahead of time. When my mind draws blanks, I “research.” My son emerged 2 hours later announcing he couldn’t sleep but was I finished my blog? Sadly, no and If I hoped to finish, he must sleep!

TALK TO ME! I picked his brain to unravel some thoughts to release into the galaxy. He had a momentous day on his mind – bridging to Boy Scouts. The ceremony blew us away with elaborate, significant details! Being 2012, I suggested that when ideas enter his mind, he must save them in his mental hard drive to recall them later. He’d already tried that…

BACKRUB! Remembering when my friend’s mom gave her backrubs before bed I decided to distract him from his thoughts to accelerate relaxation. I yawned a few times but tonight, they weren’t contagious and I caught myself nodding off which brought on the red-light flashing critical mode (or was that his digital clock?)!

WARM MILK: I heated up milk hoping the L-Tryptophan would force him to slip into a blissful slumber! Bed check 30 minutes later –not working! He swears he has asleep moments but I kept thinking “Maybe I should have slipped a little something stronger in his milk!”

RULED OUT OPTIONS: I considered letting him turn on mellow radio stations, or read, but he stays up until the very last moment to see how things end. I almost recruited him to fold our 4 loads of laundry or guest-blog because as soon as I start typing, I’m fighting to stay awake. Although I love him, I needed him to sleep in his room, not distracting me while I try to finish.

We settled on shutting his door all the way and hoped for the best. I laid down the law and even if he stayed awake, his eyes must remain shut. At this point, I’m hitting the sack without knowing if he eventually fell asleep, I’ll know the results tomorrow based on how argumentative he is. Mandatory family naptime sounds pretty good for tomorrow.

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    1. He was finding opportunities to lie down all day, but not too argumentative. Too tired even for that I think! In bed on time tonight! We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for wandering through – you’re a welcome guest!

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