At a school football game, the kids and I walked the short trip back to the bleachers witnessing giddy and devastated students based on whether or not Joe Bob smiled at them. I rolled my eyes and steered free of “Friday Night Drama!” In my 40’s, I earned the right to avoid drama and get on with my life. Unfortunately, on another Friday night, I found myself knee-deep in another he said/she said adult drama.

I will not call the parties out to rake them across the coals. That’s not my style plus the truth remains muddy. Let’s say, I craved a mud pie, one person assured me I’d get one but the pie maker flaked leaving mud-flinging adults.

Yay, Mud Pies!

I talked to all involved and got three versions. The first gal was empathetic, helpful, and concerned with resolving the situation – at least that’s the way it felt. The next gal – the manager?! – was snooty, defensive and trying to throw someone else under the bus. She was not interested in anything but getting back to her event – at least that’s the way it felt. The last gentleman in the mud pie triangle acted shocked yet tried to restore my good feelings – at least that’s the way it felt. Whether one truthfully cared about the situation is irrelevant. In that moment, that’s the way it must feel!

Simple but excellent customer service goes the farthest for your success. When people like or dislike something they talk about it online or in-person. Whether someone buys $3 Theme Park pencils, or $600 Italian leather invitation, leaving people with one negative impression requires a huge pile of kindness to make up for it – even more so when the mud pie’s online timeline suggests that they’d double booked. If someone called off the order, a message responding to my post on your page saying – “We have pie in our face, sorry we can’t make it.” could have helped.

Between the various accounts lies the muddy truth. PEOPLE, it takes less effort to be straight-forward and concerned about your business’ image than it does to flake then play clean up. K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Silly’s.

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