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Originally I was going to take a photo of the word “NO” as in “No Regrets” because I try not to live with regret… but I do have one.

I regret not getting more of my grandparents’ history while they were still alive – their stories, historic events through their eyes, even recipes that brought such comfort as a child.

I love that I came across this assignment from sometime in grade school.  It was an interview with WWII soldiers and their wives on the Home Front presenting their unique perspectives of the War.  Additionally, I had the powerful opportunity of having one set of Grandparents from America and one set of Grandparents experiencing very different challenges in Europe.  The best part was getting full participation from all Grandparents on one project.

Looking back, I know that they didn’t enjoy talking about the War so it’s a precious gift to have this much insight into this part of their history.

More than just another assignment from grade school

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  1. I think as we get older we appreciate our family history more… unfortunately our grandparents die, but I am still seeking and doing my own either way….I want to pass it on to my daughter and I am making a book for her.

  2. A touching post. I regret not getting enough information from my parents and grandparents, too. Thankfully you still have your assignment to refresh your memories of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Scan the assignment into the computer and save it on paper, too. When you get very old, remember what you are feeling now – and write or dictate your own stories to leave for others – they will treasure them ( no they will no think they are dull and ordinary…their lives will be so different from what yours is now…) Nice post!

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