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The latest evolving stage of this cold involves stopped up ears. As a result, the occasional little snarky thoughts I encounter when confronted with challenging people don’t as easily pass in one ear and out the other, instead they ping pong in my head until I start to get cranky.  I hate this because it darkens my sunshiny day.

I swear Lela Lee’s Angry Little Asian Girl is my other gemini half!

When my kids were young and transformed into YoungKid CrankyPants, I simply enforced naptime. When they passed that age, threatening to force a nap upon them helped them come down a notch.  Now, I usually send them to their room to play alone for like 10 minutes to get them to separate, calm down, and try it again.

Personally, I do well on little sleep – at least I think I do, if I don’t, please call me on it.  I’ve gotten a little rundown, now that I’m blogging late, but usually coffee keeps me going.  This morning, I slept in a bit knowing Daylight Savings would rob me of an hour of sleep that was entirely necessary to help me get over this cold.

After baseball, then lunch, I hoped that exercise + food = mellow kids.  At about 4pm when quite the opposite occurred, and I’d received my summons to appear in the Family Court as the Momediator, I made an unexpected ruling to retire to the judge’s chamber.  I told them I set a timer and you two work it out by the time I get back.  In their minds that means 10 minutes. I hoped for a 30-minute power nap.  I slowly shut the door to drown out the kids whining mixed with SpongeBob’s laugh and prayed that they wouldn’t kill each other in 30 min. and that I wouldn’t sleep through the night.

Later, my daughter carefully called to me from the door saying that the timer rang.  As usual I “hit snooze” for a few more minutes.  Fortunately the failsafe activated and, nearly two hours later, my daughter’s tummy reminded her to wake me.

While my cold still lingered, my crankiness did not.  We had a fun afternoon knocking off 1 of my 101 in 1001! What is your nap protocol?

Cards always know the perfect thing to say!

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