Today I wallowed in self-pity over this cold lasting FOREVER – really, 8 days – and my cold med-muted creativity. Then, something sparkly caught my eye to draw my vision beyond the walls of my Kleenex box.  Vanessa Chapman nominated ME for a versatile blogger award!  This means a lot because I frequently ponder whether my career seemed too versatile, not focused enough!  So thank you Vanessa – this nomination feels great!   For those of you reading this posting, I recommend you check out Vanessa’s page as she, like me, has 2 kids, but successfully freelances and acts!

So the rules of the award are to present 7 unique facts about me and to give kudos to 15 sites that I love (>365 words tonight)


1)    My parents thought girls were easier to raise than rough-and-tumble boys, but I’ve required more stitches than most men I know – not counting babies’ births.

2)    I got one job interview because I listed “hat-writing” (embroidering on Mickey ears) as a skill on my resume and it peaked their curiosity. Didn’t take the job at the trigger (handguns) factory.

3)    Most people assume I am Hawaiian, except the Hawaiians don’t fall for it to offer me the local discount.

4)    I’m half Korean – I don’t know what the other half is

5)    The first 3 places I worked for went bankrupt.  The 4th noticed but said they weren’t worried – Disneyland.

6)    I love watching any sport live but not on TV.  Perhaps crowd-watching is the proper sport!

7)    While I’m totally star struck, I hold it together when my job depends on it. I couldn’t help it when I phoned Bill Cosby: “I’m not supposed to say this, but I have to tell you how much fun my family had watching the Huxtables for years!” He seemed truly flattered despite me being the million gazillionth person to tell him that.


1)    lovemymslife.com – High School friend – MS Advocate – MS Awareness week!

2)    joechacon.wordpress.com – His writing on a variety of mediums – versatile

3)    jenniferstgermain.com– Sweetest perspective on her big life

4)    planetmarce.blogspot.com – One of the most talented designers I know!

5)    housefullofmenandme.blogspot.com – A supermom who gets it all done

6)    cupcakesbyjoyce.com – Everything more delicious than the last!

7)    marcandangel.com – Endless inspiration

8)    dudecraft.com – Dude, crafts!

9)    karaspartyideas.com – I love planning parties

10)  theangrytherapist.com – Nuff Said!

It’s getting really tough to choose at this point but will recommend 5 more, and notify everyone by the morning to fulfill my duties as Versatile Blogger!  Thank you again, Vanessa!

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    1. It helped that I had no particular topic for the evening so I jumped on it! I still have my last 5 which were being narrowed down with spreadsheets more complicated than Final Four Betting sheets. Thanks again for the nomination, it’s been fun!

    1. Thank you! I’m sitting here with a vicks slathered head and my child’s beanie hat with the ear flaps you can lower (like a lumberjack) trying to clear out my head! Thank you for the well wishes and for wandering through!

  1. I like to print my awards off, laminate them and wear them all at the same time as badges. 😉 (Kidding, obviously…Just one at a time).

    Lovely post, made me smile 🙂

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