At my old job, a work memo discussed mercury going into retrograde and how attention to detail must be increased during this time. I never understood how dropping temperatures negatively impacted our accuracy. Another worldly event I lacked clarity on was vernal equinox, which I guessed announced a special spring running of the horses, like at the Derby, only not in Kentucky.

Equin = horse, no?!
Photo from grit.com

Before you write me off as a complete ninnyhammer, I’m smart enough to recognize people’s facial expressions when I might be slightly off the mark. As usual, I researched. Since tonight (starting at 1:14am EST Tuesday/11:15pm PST Monday) signifies the start of the Vernal Equinox, I wanted to know its significance, what holidays originate from it, and how we celebrate it?

YOU may know, astrology.com defines Vernal Equinox as Spring Vernal Equal Equi Night nox. It’s the most balanced day of the year comparing the length of the day and night.

Based on Earth’s path and positioning (tilt) the length of day and night will be the same twice a year. Photo: blippitt.com

Technically, it kicks off the Spring, but I already can’t wait for the glorious summer days to grow longer so the vibrant sunsets wait until after I’ve gotten home, grabbed a picnic, and hit the beach!

At work, a professor told me his culture celebrated its New Year tonight! Many celebrate new starts, or fertility leading to new life! Easter and Passover celebrate being born again and new starts. One Mayan Equinox celebration shared on timeanddate.com that I’d love to witness (depending on the accuracy of their calendar) occurs when the incredibly specific construction of the Mayan Pyramid – El Castillo “releases” a large serpent of sunshine descending the stairs.

Mayan Pyramid El Castillo sends out (gulp!) sunlight snakes!
Photo: willandbeyond

I decided to celebrate the most-balanced day with my first at-home yoga experience. I will report tomorrow on whether my findings support the theories of increased balance or the experts, who disagree. LA Times suggested additional tests.

It’s True! You CAN balance an egg on its end during the Vernal Equinox!

Witness – the magical egg! I thought of reproducing this test using 2 adolescents then thought better…

It’s True! I CAN’T verify that it wasn’t possible before tonight until after it’s over.

Egg in its natural resting state!

It’s True! A broom stands alone! If only I could get it to retrieve water from the well!

No fishwire, no weird props – just exceptional balance!

Bottom line, Spring has Sprung! What will you do to celebrate? What new start do you have planned?

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    1. This was the original reason I was visiting your site tonight, I just got distracted by the eyes staring at me! That is awesome too! I love the crisper weather and such!

      1. LOL! Yes, eyes do have a way to distract someone hey? And I also got distracted by the weather and wanted to also tell you that I love the photo of the horse! He is gorgeous! I love Autumn the best. 🙂

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