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After staring at my keyboard for hours last night reading headlines, a few blogs, and playing too many phone games to mentally let go of my week, I went to bed.  BLOCKED BIG TIME! Somehow, while sleeping, I sorted my issues and found a resolution.

Wow, as soon as I posted this entry my friend posted this perfect quote. Thanks Louis!

DIVIDE AND CONQUER! We’re in the middle of a week we hope to get through without forgetting anything. This week offers highlights for my children as they’re testing for senior blue belts and my son bridges from Cub to Boy Scouts. We all feel proud for their accomplishments and I already promised their favorite sushi restaurant and stay-at-home movie night on Friday with puppy-love therapy from one of their favorite furry cousins (my sister’s Lab) to celebrate.


DOING WHAT I HAVE TO DO, BEFORE DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO! This mantra is truly a house law for us.  For me it involves battling the opposite of creative writing – TAXES!  I love visiting my math brain and finishing my taxes with an online program.  I severely dislike the program inconsistencies!  Many areas ask for data copied from box 8 on your form to box 8 onscreen. Suddenly, blasted word problems appear at the end, based on forms prepared by someone else’s CPA!  Now, this last form keeps me from filing, besides my stubbornness to not pay someone to help with this area because I’ve finished 95% myself.

WAITING IS THE HARDEST PART!  I’m about to enter another transition with work and the last few weeks of temp assignments are about juggling. Do I need to look for work or don’t I? Not knowing if my assignment will extend or end, I’m taking the necessary steps to avoid gaps in employment.

RESOLUTION: QUANTITY NOT QUALITY! Is this why creative sorts feel like we’re living in the looking glass because our mantras counter those we’ve learned? Poet William Stafford challenges that Writer’s Block doesn’t exist – if your standards are low enough.  Rather than focus on my brilliant yoga follow-up to yesterday’s piece (which hadn’t yet reached the levels of brilliance) I focus instead on hitting 365 words.

ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL! Thanks for wandering with me while I worked through this.

While we may be going in circles, we’re having fun now!

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