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The Mega Lottery jackpot hit $500 million! The community buzzes with anticipation for Friday night’s draw and the endless possibilities! My son drafted a plan for our winnings – he assures me he’s a big money financial whiz. Everywhere I go, people cannot stop talking about their hopes and plans.


1) Picking numbers – I prefer quick picks, I don’t favor any numbers. Many people stick to sentimental numbers including wedding dates, athlete jersey numbers, or children’s ages.

2) Buying Tickets – I conservatively purchase single drawings, but this time I’m investing up to $10 plus the gas to drive to the Top 3 “Lucky Store” in the state, #1 in two counties – Bluebird Liquor in Hawthorne. The debate between buying individual vs. group tickets comes up often.

Some people theorize the darkest, hidden liquor stores are the luckiest!

That brings me to…

3) The odds – Buying with a group of 10 people improves your odds of winning from 1 in 179,000,000 to 1 in 17,900,000. I don’t buy into averages – blaze your own path!

I’ll retire the jar if I win!

4) The winnings – People babble about early retirement, traveling, paying off loans – endless opportunities! Even the lesser winners with 5 of 6 numbers yield over $300,000 that still significantly impacts your life.


1) Keep working – My son advised me that I may not quit my job and must continue on my 7-year plan to work at a university to pay for their college. MY PLAN: Donate a building to the university of his choice if he’d let me reduce my hours.

2) Fun Allowance – He will invest and donate most of it and spend $50 million a year for a fun family vacation. MY PLAN: Take family on an around-the-world trip and fly family in to see the kids monthly no matter where we are. We’d still have so much extra that we’d be forced to buy exotic animals and have loads of plastic surgery. The intern shot this down.

Bon Voyage!

3) Investments – My advisors suggested buying stock but didn’t know how. MY PLAN: I do.

My son needed clarification about if they print out the bills to pay us – all 500 million of them. Truthfully, no matter how the drawing turns out, these conversations were priceless. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Yeah, $500 million…half a BILLION dollars. How I’d easily take 1/100th of that…lol! 🙂 Good luck to you! We’ll be playing too of course… but nobody from Maine has ever won I think. Maybe we’ll be the first? (That would sure be nice…)

  2. It makes me laugh when people go crazy for lottery tickets when the prize is huge, as if it’s hardly worth the effort of buying a ticket if it was only 10 million or something! (When I say “people” I do of course include myself). I buy my lottery tickets online, it’s set to automatically do it each week so I don’t have to think about it (I use the same numbers each week, so I daren’t miss a week because they would be bound to come up) – I don’t know if you’re able to buy them online in the States are you? If you win anything, you get an email that says ‘We have some news about your ticket!’, but it doesn’t say how much you’ve won, so you allow yourself to feel excited and dream a bit for the 30 seconds that it takes you to log on and find out that you’ve won £10!

    1. That is such a cool option! They don’t have that here, but someone should make an app for that!

      So cool! How fun to get an email too! That’s exactly it though. I just get the tix so I can dream for a bit. I don’t know why it’s more fun with the ticket than without. I guess it’s the possibility, no matter how slight! Thanks for wandering with me!

      1. I guess buying lottery tickets online would be too difficult to control in the States, because of the different rules and different lotteries between states – like some lotteries you have to physically be in the relevant state to be allowed to buy a ticket right? If you tried to buy a ticket online there for our lottery here in the UK, it would recognise that you weren’t in the UK and wouldn’t let you, but I don’t think that would work in the same way between different states over there, so probably impossible to police! Otherwise, I’m sure they’d have set that facility up over there by now.

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