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We mindlessly wander through our routines, hopefully paying attention to what you’re doing, but hopping from place to place. Every so often, life throws a stick in your spokes and knocks you off course. Yesterday I flew so far I landed disoriented, quickly feeling for a familiar path. Wait, a signpost up ahead – next stop, the Twilight Zone!

1) Son’s wakes up with a temperature – a LOW temperature: Give me a fever of 102 and I know exactly what to do. Of course, right when I hand over my know-it-all parent book to my sister for my baby niece, life throws a new one at me.

2) Applesauce lid – Popped or poison: Shopping at the store for “sick” food, applesauce is the one thing my son asked for. When I get home, it didn’t pop when I opened it. Eat it or return it?

3) Get a call for a new job opportunity: A call from a previous temp employer asking me if I am available. Thankfully the timing from my current role may work out perfectly! Or, it may come down to who do I want to disappoint the least?

4) A friend called from E.R. to have me pick up her kids: One good note, I was in the right town at the right time for a seamless, swift detour.

5) Got daughter to softball game on time w/o begging favors: Second good note, at least now I could get my daughter to her game on time – or we would have been on time if we went to the right field.

6) Pitcher was an Olympian in a 7-year old body – My daughter’s WTF (Whoa, Tail of Fire?!) face was priceless after watching the meteor leave the pitcher’s hand, barrel through her strike zone and knock over the catcher without even flinching to hit it.

We couldn’t have dreamed all this possible in one day without sounding ridiculous, however, it worked out perfectly as it wouldn’t have run so smoothly had I been on my normal path, probably stuck in traffic!

Oh, and, everyone is better today except my daughter who still has a glazed look while mumbling “Fire, from ball, too fast!”

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  1. LOL! Yeah, I know that feeling too and I am one for routine so when stuff like that happens I am really in a huge spin. Don’t like it..don’t want it but sometimes it can be fun. Glad you survived hon! 🙂

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