While enjoying my three fancy-free days vacation from work, I loved wandering around finding messages presented throughout the day. Ironically, a large lesson presented itself because my fat fingers on my phone pushed – not the wrong thing – a different thing than I’d planned. Turns out, it was the perspective shift I needed!

During this break, I found myself a little stuck creatively.  I know part of it was facing down my taxes. I planned many overdue visits with friends and family and cuddled sweet babies! I volunteered for both of my kids’ classes, plus got to see my son’s academic tournament.  I was elated and grateful for the opportunities to do what I’d rather be doing, but at the same time frustrated that I can’t do this all the time. I need to stop flip-flopping, especially with allowing creative time.

I now view my creative bursts as treats. Sometimes I relish them, excited that only I get to savor them. Others I realize are bits I’d wished someone shared with me, so I do.  I’m embracing the knowledge that I’m wired for creativity, less cut-throat, but my creative muscles still can’t always withstand diversity in the terrain I wander through.  Part of building up endurance will be repetition through this blog. Part is setting boundaries, which I’m working on.

This morning surfing Facebook, I enjoyed the inspirational shared messages.  I much prefer warm cuddly awakenings to horrific headlines.  One caught my eye “12 Stressful Things to Stop Tolerating!” from Marc and Angel Hack Life.  I love their posts and welcomed their advice.  The post lists things to toss with a hearty “Hell Yeah!” but I was skeptical of my morning strength before coffee.  Also, some things aren’t that easy to extricate.

Without realizing it, my fat finger chose “30 Challenges for 30 Days of Growth” – My other blogging goal.  This switched my perspective to work on one’s own strength first to make it easier to steer around obstacles.  Also I don’t have to face everything prepared to fight to the death (except when it comes to taxes), sometimes the smaller actions are just as significant and easy as letting your fingers do the walking!

Big fingers, small links

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  1. Oh wow…one of my favorite quotes! “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” lol! Great switch, I love it! Thanks for the intro to a new great page to read!

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