Sing along… “You’re so vain…”

When blogging about my life, my family and friends sometimes guest star. I remain as vague as possible to avoid calling anyone out. However when one’s descriptions become too indistinct, anyone thinks I’m talking about them! Someone recently explained away their behavior to me, responding to a previous blog post and I immediately stopped them mid-word saying “That post wasn’t about you.” I want to still mention significant people and occurrences because this blog follows me wandering through my real life. I don’t want anyone to become disgruntled, so I present my disclaimer.

This blog is based on a true story, but… only the parts I control. In 99% of the cases, I cite real interactions that caused me to wander down a different train of thought for a bit, but to illustrate my reaction to the behavior. It’s not about the person that I aimlessly followed. For me, the goal remains trying to make sense of the world around me, and figure out my place in it.

I refuse to lash out at, vent about, or get mean towards people online. That usually that speaks more volumes about the big blog meanie than the person they’re bashing. I hate to assume (you know what that says…) that I know what motivates others or how someone’s story reads. My goal is to get in my head, not theirs.

Today, while badly singing the title jingle, I turned it back on myself realizing that this philosophy should be something for me to consider as well. I’ve overheard conversations and “just knew” that I was the center of (the universe?!) discussion but when the truth comes out who winds up with egg on their face? Maybe paranoid better defined my sentiments, rather than vain?! Lesson learned – it’s not always about me, or you.

My blog doesn’t serve the purpose to call people out, nor bash anyone (like calling people vain – I couldn’t help it, the song rewrote itself while reverberating in my head). I consider you all gifts and all of our moments treasures! If I want to share my thoughts on what make you so amazing, it’ll be while sitting face-to-face, not on my blog.

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  1. I had the same problem as you did only I on purposely lashed out and vented on my blog. Being a newbie at the time, I didn’t know how to make it private and I didn’t know it could be found on the Internet. Plus i had wrote sbout her snd vented in mt blog about her. So this close friend of mine heard I was blogging. She asked to read it and I said no and that it was private. she searched high and low on the Internet and she found it. She read it and then chewed me out for it….
    Long story short she got what she deserved for snooping, blogging is about what you want it to be about

    1. It about expressing your thoughts, feelings and learning about yourself as you write. If its not meant to be public, I believe you can set the level of privacy on your blog too.
      Keep writing as you wander! It’s been great. Just sorry that someone thought you were talking about them.

      1. Despite the mood set by the title (which I simply couldn’t get out of my head once it popped in – still can’t), the person wasn’t negative. If anything I stopped them so that they wouldn’t feel bad – I didn’t want them feeling like I was judging them. Sorry to hear about the craziness on your blog! That reminds me I have to subscribe! I only remember if you mention posts. Snoopy poopy people! Thanks for wandering through!

    2. I actually stopped the person to correct them to let them know not to worry, that it wasn’t about them because I didn’t want them to worry in this case. I know the title screams otherwise – that was just because once I came up with it – I couldn’t get it out of my head! Thanks for wandering by!

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