After surviving the craziest few weeks that I can recall in our 11+ years together, plus faced with many fabulous events that collectively threatened to blaze through our weekend with the blink of an eye, a theme song entered my head and had me searching for an alley to hang out in Friday night. We dangled a bowling ball in our line of sight hypnotizing us to focus our eyes on the prize – the weekend!

You’ll live to bowl again…

Despite the disappointment of not finding our favorite theme song from the Grease 2 soundtrack on iTunes, Friday arrived and we earned it!

We’re gonna booowl tonight! We’re gonna booowl toni-ight!

Even now, still finishing errands before officially letting loose for the evening, we ate dinner first, and unexpectedly almost melted. Now that the deadlines passed and we slowed for a victory lap, time caught up to us like a huge weight that might anchor us in bed until we caught up on sleep.  The kids alternated with wanting to bowl or play video games at home – which requires much less movement.  I finally said, we promised to reward ourselves, let’s go, play one game and see how it goes.

ME: Magic B ball – show us fun without game controllers!
BALL: It is certain!

The smell of smoke, nachos and beer blasted us at the door.  We got our lane assignment, wedged between the Pros and the Happy Hour Hecklers.  Surprisingly, my son didn’t think of the number of feet that occupied his cool shoes before him.  Both kids loved that now they could dance like Michael Jackson.

We searched diligently for the right size thumb-hole and weight ball then got to our lane to find a magical assortment to choose from.

Somehow the gem-like bowling balls reminded us of Spencer’s multi-colored poop!

Lauren started off strong and stayed the most consistent with her skills landing the balls in the lane more quietly as the night went on.

Carson had a knack for splitting the pins, then managing to send the 2nd ball directly between the pins without touching any pins.

Once he learned footwork, he had more power and more fun!
What do you do for fun without being plugged in?

Despite his tendency, he actually got the most spares.  I warmed up slowly and my competitiveness – yes, even with bowling – came out and I tried to get a strike but struck out instead.

It’s a close game! Rematch!

We wound up playing two games, had a blast – way more fun than if we’d played the wii version!

Take one adorable girl and add a (hand-dryer) wind machine – instant supermodel!

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    1. I don’t think any of us even broke 100 that night! Practice makes perfect! I gotta cut my fingernails shorter next time or bring my athletic “Glide” stuff to help with finger chafing! LOL! Thanks for wandering through!

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