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A lady came in wearing a beautiful silver necklace featuring a guy with his arms out looking like he’s grabbing the chain he hangs from. I complimented her taste saying I love jewelry where it looks like someone is hanging from it.


Why, just the day before I saw one where it looks like a gal is swinging on a swing holding onto the “chains” of the necklace.

So cute, right?! Click thru to get your own!

She politely cuts me off saying “You know it’s a crucifix, right? Jesus is not just hanging out.”

Holy cow! I tried to keep my cool and still praise how unique it looked and how modern yet still poignant it looked. I tried to use words that would evoke a positive emotional response to cover up for my ingrained gullibility that inserted my foot in my mouth. In our family, these moments were named for our blonde sibling because, well, she experienced the most of them.

This one became the all-time classic:
THE FUGITIVE MOVIE – At my wedding bridesmaid’s brunch, we ranted about the recent blockbuster The Fugitive (stop trying to calculate backwards how old I am) and the amazing inciting incident of the film that enables Harrison Ford to become a fugitive. To wow the table with my Hollywood knowledge, I shared that they actually crashed trains into busses so that it was realistic! My sister got all teary-eyed, “That’s so mean! Did they tell the conductor?!” The memory of that moment outlasted the marriage!

Outside of Dillsboro, NC you may still ride past the wreckage!
“So sad! Where did they bury the survivors?!”

One special mention moment, one year my sister wanted GUESS perfume for Christmas and I kept taunting her,
“Guess what I got you for Christmas.”
“I don’t know, what?!”
“I don’t know!”
“No, really – Guess!”
“I can’t!” and so on for enough rounds until I became bored.

Guess what you can buy by clicking thru? Guess!

I will tell you one mistake I’ll never make. I NEVER ask women if they are pregnant, not even when they’re visibly pregnant. I err on the side of waiting until the baby comes and saying “I didn’t even realize you were pregnant!” I know someone who made that mistake with her boss’ non-pregnant wife – talk about a career-limiting move!

What about you? Any classic moments you’d love to never let someone forget?

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  1. Haha, those were funny. I’m often making a fool of myself, but the one that springs to mind I was merely a witness to! Someone I work with, Sally, was saying that she desperately needed a haircut but couldn’t get an appointment that day. Another colleague, Mary, suggested that in her lunch break Sally should just walk into town and go in to a few hair salons, and maybe they would fit her in there and then. So she did. On her return, Mary says to her “Oh dear, you didn’t find anywhere then?”. I don’t need to finish this story off do I, I’m sure you’ve guessed it!

  2. That’s funny…except Jesus didn’t hang from a chain. He was hanged on a cross…and that’s a very different image! I think I would have actually questioned her further! Perhaps SHE was having the moment for thinking a gymnastics necklace was actually a crucifix!!

    1. It actually did have a very artistic, subtle cross behind him that I believe his hands were resting on, in front of the chain. But to me, since my mind was already thinking gymnast, that’s what I saw. Thanks for wandering by today!

  3. I once had a brain jam trying to find a particular Asian restaurant in the Yellow Pages and asked my lady friend if I should look under Chinese…. DOH.

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