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I’m half-Korean. People don’t quite know where to place me. My skin is too dark to be white (You can’t spell Caucasian without Asian…), my green-ish eyes aren’t Asian, my Hungarian cooking scrambles their brains. Honestly, not being brought up Asian, and turned off by some stereotypes for Asian women, I identified with American Indians, because I used to fantasize about riding my horse all day in the sun over the open plains, or got a kick out of people who ask if I’m Hawaiian. Sure, I can go for that!

Today, I’m embracing my Hawaiian roots and in the effort of finding PB&J substitutes for the kids’ lunches, I’m attempting Spam Musubi!

ExSPAMple A: less messy, easier to eat in cut rolls
NOTE: I prefer thicker Spam – 8 slices/can.
The right one is 10 slices/can.

Simple as it sounds, it terrified me some. Most of the terror came from shopping for the ingredients.

Proof that I am way too Americanized and have passed that along to my kids.
To me, reading this stuff is about as easy as reading QR barcodes
Tough to decipher, simple to assemble.

I brainlessly cooked 2 cups of rice in the cooker – push one button!

One button – done!

I sliced the spam experimenting with width of the meat in the finished product.

Heated some Sesame Oil in the cast iron skillet,

Sesame Oil – LOVE IT to season anything.

added some teriyaki and browned it.

Spam became popular in WWII as a meat ration and became popular in Hawaii.
How brown you want it is up to you. Most of the color is from the cooking teriyaki sauce, not from burning.

The most complicated part is assembly, but thanks to my great friend, I have a sushi/musubi mold! Sometimes it’s all about the gear and then you feel like a pro musubi maker!

Acrylic box open on both ends with a press. May be called sushi or musubi maker. What’s your gadget fave?

It’s all a matter of layering:

Rice – fill the maker near ½ full

Press Hard – don’t want it to fall apart

Rice Seasoning – seaweed and sesame seeds (no fish flakes) – your preference how much you want to use. Doesn’t dominate flavor, it’s an accent flavor.

Try it on plain rice too!


Perfect fit! No additional cutting at all!

Rice Seasoning – next time, I’m going to try wasabi on this 2nd layer instead of double rice seasoning

WTF: Way to flavor!  It’s like glitter on food, seriously!

Rice – fill in the blanks and press hard!

Very Simple, Very Easy — Chef Tell

Wrapped up in a pretty seaweed wrapper. This brand was the perfect size for my musubi maker. Wet fingers with some water to “glue” the sheets together if the steam from the rice doesn’t seal it.

This Nori (dried seaweed) was so easy to work with!

It was so easy and turned out so beautiful thanks to the press that I almost felt like I cheated!

Almost like I try to cheat and get a local discount when visiting Hawaii, but the locals can see right through me and know I’m not Hawaiian. Maybe next time I’ll come armed with my Spam musubi and they’ll reconsider.

ExSPAMpleB – Less rice and seaweed, harder to eat.
Green Lightsaber chopsticks ensured I’d get 2 thumbs up from my kids who were too busy with friends to rate me.

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    1. Totally! I can’t wait to make all sorts of fun california rolls for my kids! Heck, we may even make “PB&J” with a layer of PB & “Fruit Leather”. Thanks for wandering by after all this time (since I’ve been sporadic!)

    2. Totally! I can’t wait to make all sorts of fun california rolls for my kids! Heck, we may even make “PB&J” with a layer of PB & “Fruit Leather”. Thanks for wandering by after all this time (since I’ve been sporadic!)
      Oh, and Look for Asian Markets – they could be called sushi makers.

  1. As pretty as that looks and as fun as it appeared to be making it I just cannot wrap my head around Spam. Long, long ago my mother used to fry Spam and make greasy, mayonnaise covered sandwiches for my dad. Just watching that gelatinous blob come out of the can may have been what set me down the road to vegetarianism!
    For you and the kids though, I say enjoy!

    1. I was going to try to make a vegetarian version with Morningstar meat or something close to vegetarian ham.
      I too actually dislike Spam in any other version besides once it’s cooked and on the rice.
      Mayonnaise with Spam might be a slippery slope into nausea!
      For this, so far as flavors go, the rice balances it out.
      Thanks for wandering by!

    1. LOL! I don’t know if mine is better than L&L, but it’s good to know I have options if I need a quick fix! We always kept a spam in the cabinet when I was married. It was a joke gift that became a reminder that “if we hadn’t eaten it, then we were still good!” but now I’m glad to take back the memory and purpose of the Spam Can in my cabinet! Thanks for wandering through!

  2. I was wondering how you got them to look so nice and neat! Wow, that sushi/musubi mold is sumthin’! I gotta get me one cuz the traditional way of using that bamboo rolling sheet thingy doesn’t work for me – ever. I love how you don’t have to slice the Spam and how they fit right into that molder thingy perfectly. Woowee, one less step!

    I love sesame oil in everything too! The whiff of it makes me happy all right. There was one time when another blogger had asked me if I eat Spam “voluntarily?!”. Haha! She said that her grandmother used to make her eat it when she was young, so she didn’t like it growing up. Totally understood.

    This post was another funny one, especially cuz you add pics again of your cute kiddos. I’d love to see their faces if they ever see cooked chicken feet! I almost hurled when my Pops showed them to me the first time in my life. And it freaked me out when my sis mentioned that she was craving to eat it last week. I said, “WHAT?! You like chicken feet?!” I only ate a few because my Pops made me back then.

    Must be so nice to be Asian and have green eyes! The first time I had ever gotten colored contacts was in the color green and boy, they sure were fun to wear back then.

    1. Thanks for wandering by!! I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Spam unless in Spam Musubi. I tried to work it into a stir-fry once just to avoid a trip to the supermarket and it was SO salty! If they do eat chicken feet they won’t be getting them from me. I have a hard time eating anything that resembled the animal that they once were, so feet – chicken or pickled pigs – won’t be on my menu.
      Hah, my cauc-asian sister used to have the green contacts growing up and it was a trip! Thanks for dropping by!!

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