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I’ve wandered for 144 days now, and am still amused – regularly coming across refreshing new blogs.  I wanted to share my observations as to everything that I’ve discovered blogging is to me. Please, wander with me for a bit, I’d love to learn about the gems you’ve found along the way too!

Blogging is…

History – Blogs offer the news I’d rather read of personal or national news peppered with emotions or truthful observations, not stories tweaked solely for increased shock value.

Photo Albums – My first blog ever easily shared my kids’ photos with their extended family. I don’t know if my children will ever have photo albums – despite me owning supplies to make 5 each – but they’ll know that I enjoyed each adventure with them because I shared my memories.

Two in tree!

Education and Awareness – Many topics exist that I may not have read a whole book or long article on, but because someone cared enough to blog their experience or expertise about it, I read it.

Inspiration – Sharing stories of overcoming struggle or steps one’s taken to achieve a dream that someone else may share could inspire people to act upon their dreams.

Never say never – if you can dream it, you can be it…

Community – Whether joining summer reading book clubs, shared recipes with blogosphere neighbors, or wearing fellow bloggers’ fashions while copying their awesome party ideas, knowing real people are behind many ideas, not just pros, makes ideas more attainable and increase their tried-and-true value.

Therapy – Sometimes all you need is a healthy rant, getting it all out and down in the blog, to be able to sort through events, see more than one angle, and find the lesson in what you just experienced. Did I mention that while therapy is expensive, blogging is free?! Many times, readers share their experiences and offer advice.

Rant, scream, get it all out!

Comic Relief – Having grown really tired of the same old emailed funnies, I enjoy the creativity of captioned animal photos, or smart sarcasm of real life observations.

Tour Guide – Many adventures that have been reviewed, whether it’s the Gilroy Garlic Festival or a bike trek in Italy, are now on my “Things to see before I die” list while other adventures help me relive trips of a lifetime

Visiting the beautiful horses and horsemen
in the Hungarian Plains!

To you blogging is…

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  1. I was just thinking about this today!

    In my teens, I blogged in an anonymous journal to make sense of all my dark feelings. In my twenties, I blogged to keep my long distance loved ones up to date on my life. And now in my thirties, I blog for myself – because making sense of my life feels good; but I also blog for the others who may have had similar struggles along the way. Even if there are only two or three of them, that kind of thing now matters to me.

    But I mostly blog because I like it. It makes me feel connected, it keeps me creative and accountable. In these days, not every person may be able to have a room of his or her own the way Woolf encouraged, but blogging does give me a corner of my own. It’s a space that is mine. I can show up however I am. I love that.

    Thanks for asking a great question!

    1. Very well put! Here’s to how far we’ve come from anonymous journals to living out loud! Cheers! Thanks for wandering by and leaving such pearls of wisdom!

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