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Why do you need a good self-care practice? To help balance your life from the inside out. On a good day we receive challenges, dream up solutions, react quickly and restore order to our day. Our lives get busy, constantly changing – whether carefully choreographed or flying by the seat of our pants.  Our intuition helps guide us through the situations, assisting with answers to the challenges presented. It also lets us know when the outcome perhaps compromises that balance that could lead to us feeling stress and even anxiety and possibly rattling our confidence some. Personally, when it comes to self-care I feel like my intuition speaks to me though I don’t always acknowledge it, nor do I trust it.

But, these feelings set us into motion sometimes, or may overwhelm us.  We’re dealing with a pandemic more furious than we’ve faced before. At the same time, I feel that to quiet the information blaring at us, we need to take the time to be still and get in touch with ourselves and trust that we know or will find out the best way to get ourselves through this. I don’t feel like I’m stressed out but every time I return home from errands, I get mentally drained. I am convinced that if people turn inward, relying more on their intuition, perhaps they can lower their fears and anxiety a bit now and tomorrow. 

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If you’re like me, not totally sure about the strength of your intuition, here are a few simple things you can do to get in touch with your intuition or inner voice:

  • Meditation is key – dropping into ourselves – to stop the chatter, according to Lisa M. Zimmer, writer of “Digging Deep – Excavating your Intuition.” This practice is very simple, but takes discipline – there’s no easy quick fix unless the soul is ready to shift. If people are resistant to meditation, or unable to create a mindfulness practice, they will continue to search outside themselves for fixes. If we allow ourselves to drop within through meditation, starting by observing our breath, and feel through the frayed nerves to get to the other side, much will transform.
  • Notebooks to record your rambling feelings, insights, etc. and date them will help you sort through and recognize your intuition at work.  Lisa says, “You’ll naturally see things evolve effortlessly.” Diana Raab, author of Writing for Bliss, explains that journaling helps us tap into our intution. If you have questions, starting writing about it for a while and see what comes to the surface. Her article, “Using Your Intuition for Self-Care” does a great job explaining that there are four different types of intuition: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Creative Visualization is what it sounds like. Visualize and mentally create what you want your future to look like (similar to what we did with vision boards). When you do this, it kicks the universe’s laws (ie: Law of Attraction) into high gear, that will tap into the various intuitions.  

Self-care helps balance out what is demanded of us and what we take from this world to make sure we’re operating at full capacity. YES we should follow the stay-at-home rules, but then turn off the devices and trust your gut. You got this.

What about you?

  • Are you comfortable with relying on your intuition?
  • How do you get more in touch with your intuition?
  • Do you do all 3 of these practices, or just working on one to start?
  • Have you ever predicted something to come?
  • Have you read any earlier A through H self-care tips?

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