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Life rushing by

Ever try to get out of a ticket?  I recently avoided a fix-it ticket and I tried to get out of my first-ever speeding ticket but after approaching the car with his gun drawn, the officer wasn’t chatty.  That is another story for another time.

At our recent garage sale, my neighbors and I chatted, raising eyebrows or fists at drivers to slow down.  One neighbor mentioned how often drivers don’t stop at all. While near the local school, she witnessed cars driving carelessly, closely missing a student. She approached a cop mentioning the potential ticket gold-mine. His assured her that they’ve written many tickets there, but that the people’s influential friends excused their tickets. I still can’t decide which is more unbelievable and troublesome.

That very night, I witnessed someone barrel through a signed intersection!  Today, another close call (safe from my driveway) but the street driver punched his pedal to the metal, laid into his horn, nearly catapulted his dog from the car window, and endangered our kids and his dog.

I try to drive a mile in their car before drawing conclusions and I don’t usually judge. I know how busy we are dropping off children, rushing off to our day then home at night. After no tickets or accidents in 17 years, a job forced me to race home cursing every night, trying to beat my childcare’s deadline.  After getting 2 tickets in a month, and 2 late charges 3 months into the year (they drop your child after the 3rd time), I moved on.  There are other options besides a new job.  Ask for a modified schedule, form carpools, pay high school kids to be on call to pick up if you’re stuck – many will volunteer their time.  Find a way.

In regards to reversing tickets, I believe Oprah when she points out that the universe knocks softly first (ticket), then louder (accident), and so on until you are forced to pay attention (fatality). We’re all adults, so look at the offered lesson and change your behavior.  You may be above the law for a California roll, but for anything larger, if they don’t get you for that, Carma will.

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