It takes an iPhone, copies of class schedules, and a fridge calendar to keep my family on time.  Events usually fall into place, but my random lists get unruly.  I use to-do lists for planning parties; bucket lists of goals; lists of where I’ve traveled; wish lists of books; lists of accomplishments; even lists of favorite quotes.  The Internet even handles lists for me housing titles of flicks to see or pictures I pin up to share.

In my defense, lists are everywhere!  Magazines, websites, even TV shows have lists for worse movie posters, best stomach exercises or places to work.  I start to feel like a slacker if not paying attention to such time-saving and sage advice. My goal is not to join an elite group that accomplished everything on my list.

I still haven’t cured myself of Sticky Notes.

I used to purge my lists onto paper, schedule out tasks and inch my way towards the goal.  Brain surges scribbled on sticky notes adhered nicely to the pages. I preferred hand-writing the list as it grew then shrank.  It was simple to keep an eye on the horizon also. Ironically, I eventually grew tired of writing and lugging it around.

My Blackberry answered my prayers with audible reminders and a snooze feature!  When necessary, I simply rescheduled the task items farther out.  I loved setting up reminders for everything to unclutter my mind and calendar. I was cautious, but not always successful, to not over-schedule that could lead to snooze abuse.

Despite, or because, of my many lists, there are some I rarely use.  Shopping lists are only created for event recipes that happen 1-2 times a year.  Checks written only exist on carbon copy, not in a check register – don’t tell my bookkeeper mom.

Currently Captures Everything

Now, I’m back to straddling both electronic and paper lists.  I have my regular schedule on my iPhone, the rest on paper. That way I can visit my wish lists weekly but they don’t distract me daily.  My spiral-bound notebook fits in my purse and captures my thoughts as they flit by.  I hope to find a long-term solution and am sure I can find a list of suggestions. Share your top 3 personal favorite lists.

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