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As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a butterfly! I continuously search beyond the obvious symbolism in the complete transformation from the worm – [CUE: Heimlich’s voice] – into a beautiful butterfly! Once the Mariah Carey song “Butterfly” starts playing in my head, I lose focus.

If I follow the literal translation, I see auditions at theme park for a character role in my future! I don’t know many butterflies, but I know a ton of fairies with wings. When I worked at the park, I always wanted to play a character in the parade. Later I participated in a character experience while working at the studio. While my penguin wings hung useless, my spirits flew high! Maybe growing wings, during the transformation, was the ultimate goal.

To wander down that train of thought, I must dive deeper to see what other childhood hobbies offer career potential. I loved drawing Cinderella in fancy ball gowns, though not creating new gowns – so scratch fashion designer. I played whiffle ball with my dad but seeing how blindly I field the ball, any involvement with that sport is out. I loved my Pirate treasure chest fish tank, but seeing as how I killed almost all my fish – ever, coupled with my current fish phobias – oceanography, deep-sea commercial fishing careers – all out.

I loved my record player and still entertain the possibility of working with music again but am redefining how to do so. I want to emerge as a holiday one-hit-wonder to get stuck in your head for eternity. Write one hit then collect royalties – can’t be that hard?! Oh, and I have to learn how to write music too, not just lyrics.

A wonderful book in a great series!

I also remember how much I loved my books. One book “A Very Young Dancer” by Jill Krementz inspired me more than the rest – not to dance, but to write about dreams and goals. Finding this link today gives me goose bumps. For now, I’ll spread my wings in the sunshine, wait for air to carry me away and flutter after that train of thought to see where I land next. Where’ll your wings carry you?

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