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My mind couldn’t relax when driving on this side.

Today in Southern California, I drove on the wrong side of the road with other cars around.  I didn’t do it once, I did it several times all for the sake of researching forced creativity. Many articles exist on the benefits of changing or adding more to your routine to exercise your brain, extend your life and even ward off Alzheimers. With a 365 word limit, I’ll truncate their expertise to say that as with physical health, where flexibility and alternating workout muscle groups are monumental in a long life, the regions of the brain need to be exercised regularly for brain health leading to an extended, sound mind and body life.

You don’t have to solve a brainy challenge a day, simply navigate a new route while cycling, rather than driving, to awaken your creative right brain.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand to fire up the opposite half of the brain. Freshman Psych 101 taught me that adding more senses to the note-taking process (write and read notes aloud, heck, use colored-sniffy pens if you fancy) thereby engaging more of the brain – increased our odds to later recall the info. Playing an instrument while learning book smarts builds new connections between your brain hemispheres. For extra credit fun, shut your eyes before entering your home tomorrow night.  You’ll force different senses to fire up, to avoid bruised shins, and your brain will get stronger.

Daily Brainy Calendar not necessary! K.I.S.S!

Truthfully, I broke no traffic laws and didn’t put anyone in the slightest danger.  However, my brain kept replaying the “What if I made a bad turn, panicked, wound up on the wrong side of the street with a car coming straight at me – how would I save myself?!” loop. The end-result of my overactive brainwaves was a topic for tonight’s blog 3 hours earlier than usual and the wherewithal to snap photos during one of many twisting laps. All this from accidentally wandering down a spiraling roadway created by airport urban planners who, perhaps, themselves may have benefitted from a change to their routine to fire up the creativity needed to pave a “simpler” path. Did I talk myself in circles?  What will you change up tomorrow?

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