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A friend of mine inspired me with his 365 photos in 2011. With each new photo I begged him to host a New Year’s Eve gallery exhibit of his pieces! What a great memento of the year and he took wonderful photos, too! He unknowingly planted the seed and I contemplated my own 365 project.

365 days of Rob? Thanks Tanya for the photo!

As you know, this blog represents my commitment to write 365 words a day for 365 days (with something fun coming Leap Year Day). This year, my goal remains simple – to form the habit of writing regularly thereby eradicating excuses of not having time. I hope to emerge from 2012 with writing samples that hopefully improved with each day. I sometimes feel as though I took the easy way out because my daily topic can be anything I wander by in my daily travels. I could write “word” 365 times for my entry and call it a day.

Next year, after tucking a year of commitment and blogging under my belt, I want to kick it up a notch and find something that will introduce me to something new every day or stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone. Here are the 365 project ideas currently tickling my fancy:

  1. Try a new food– Beverages and spices count in food choices.

    Wow! Such a world of food to explore!
  2. No repeating eating – My kids may kill me with only one night of crab pasta.
  3. Authors – Read anything, but you must complete it and no repeating author in any week.
  4. Mini art masterpiece– Decorate a small uniform-sized canvas.

    Instead… arrange mini canvasses on the wall for 1 big piece of art!
  5. Origami/Haiku – Both are art forms I love.
  6. Animal portraits– Kind portraits of animals, ideally those in shelters needing loving homes.

    Photo by Susan Sabo Photography
  7. Good ol’ days – Record memories of each day or those getting better with time.
  8. Move It – Doing the same thing two days in a row is prohibited.
  9. Karaoke – You are not in control. Your audience chooses your next song to sing on video.
  10. History/Gratitude – Mini interviews with anyone willing to talk.

    What are you grateful for?

With a handful of my friends now blogging, it’d be fun to grab a group and do a project together. Anyone game?! What will your 365 Project consist of?

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