I count down the days until my much-anticipated vacation, practically kill myself to get out of town for a few, but know the amazing escape will be worth it if I live long enough to get there!

I looked forward to the serenity and reflection nature offers.

Last week, we were set! My son got a jumpstart on his school project due tomorrow – while keeping up with homework. My daughter proactively did 3 pages of homework a night! I looked for work, fundraised for kids’ science camp and blogged. We’d hit a new rhythm and this bonus trip was fun-tastic!

This week, starting my new job, we had the learning curve of a new routine. Couple that with my daughter’s lost security blankets (Buddys)

My daughter communicating the pain of her lost “Buddys”

and the week got crazy until Friday night. I planned to pour a glass of red, do laundry, and pack. I didn’t go as planned (does it ever?!), but we packed, I blogged the extra post for Saturday and were surprisingly on time Saturday morning.

We drove up to the wilderness, the kids looked forward to shooting and running while I hoped to wander and shoot scenic photos. Once I got there, the lack of snow revealed that the reserve was devastated by fire almost 9 years ago and left in ruins. Usually the snow paints a prettier picture. While the kids did team building exercises, I looked for gems hidden in the forest floor along the way:

A forest throne to crawl in, sit for a while, and hear amazing tales.
During archery, this natural bulls eye hypnotized me. The fire attacked, but didn’t destroy it.
I shot this to share with my kids as I know they ran right by it. Woodpeckers shove acorns in logs to attract bugs to eat.

I loved how much fun my kids’ had with their friends from all years of their lives. I loved exploring the town, accommodating my son’s insistence of our malt shop tradition. I felt restored heading home early enough to relax for the week.

I didn’t love that we couldn’t shut the front door fast enough to keep reality from barreling in after us.

After reintroduction back into the wild (your life) it’s hunting season and you’re open game!

My daughter wept since I wouldn’t be at school for writing showcase, my son pressed on to meet his report deadline, and my relaxing moments crashed like the oversize Jenga game from the camp. We all needed a nap but couldn’t sacrifice the time. I look forward to the week starting again but feel like I was never gone. At least I have the pictures or I’d never believe it.

A Jackelope – believe it or not!

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    1. As it turns out, I’m thinking that it may be something else because the darned thing has wings too. I am at a loss for what that might be called. Thanks for wandering by!

    1. *BLUSH* Thank you Sharon F, I appreciate the kudos! Practicing now, eventually will become a “real writer!” Thanks so much for wandering by! Hope to see you around these parts again!

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