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The moment I entered the gates, the Magic drew me in. All five of my senses surrendered to the seduction. Delicious sweets and salty popcorn tickled my nose and taste buds, the carousel serenaded me, the ground shook as the slow horse-drawn carriage rolled down the street. I’ll never forget the first day I got sprinkled with Pixie Dust and instantly became hooked. As our exploration dove deeper, revealing special touches in the Park each purposefully placed by the creator, my head nearly exploded from the awe and admiration that I felt for his vision and delivery. I became the Happiest Employee on Earth.

Everyone should have one magic wand…

I’ve always retained hope for Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust – not just because my name means Princess. I even have a crystal magic wand issued from the magic manufacturers. Escaping from the real world while experiencing someone’s best day, got me hooked! Sprinkle pixie dust on crying kids and they instantly fell silent (or into shock). When couples in polyester costumes, that magnified girl’s shapes and eliminated mens’, fell in love that had to be Magic. When I participated in my international student neighbors’, first time trying it, as we climbed the hill to start their first-ever roller coaster ride the Magic sprang forth as they blurted out “Oooh, I’m starting to feel the pressure!”

Later, I went to work at Mecca – the Studios – again spending every day immersed in the Magic tapped from its natural source! Now one step removed, I found myself searching for people who believed and wanted to keep the Magic alive. Fortunately I found others and we became fast friends and more furiously fanatic! About that time, a magic wand spread a new Magical phenomenon as fast as a lightning bolt. I didn’t hop on that broomstick until much later, when I found myself later trying to recover from quitting Pixie Dust cold-turkey. Ironically, a statement from that enchanted creator caused me to conjure up enough strength to move beyond the magic.

A reasonable and wise way to say “Grow up!”

Now when I find myself reacting to the real world, I exclaim “Oooh, I’m starting to feel the pressure!” a smile spreads and that old black [mouse] Magic has me in its spell again!

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  1. I’m so glad you have found my blog because otherwise I would not have found yours. 365 words a day, wow! I’ve read your latest post and I like your blog already, I hope you don’t mind that I follow you through Twitter. 🙂 (via @DryasDreamart) The quote of Rowling you shared is very beautiful… a very good way to start the day. 🙂


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