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The summer of 1984 we moved from San Diego to a town that originally served as a stagecoach stop between San Diego and Los Angeles. Moving to this po-dunk dustbowl instantly set me into withdrawals for “big city” energy. That summer huge things squeezed my teenage heart: The Outsiders. Wham UK. and Ricky Martin joined Menudo. I forgave them for their Theme Park-esque costumes and feathered hair and instantly ranked Ricky as the cutest one in a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 sort of way.

Menudo earned extra cuteness points with Ricky

I have always loved anything with a Spanish flair – architecture, clothing, food and music. The romance language set to music sounds so passionate. Even my ex-husband was Quarter Rican. Although being newly married, I dismissed Ricky mostly because I didn’t love his long hair or his soap opera – superficial, I know.

Then the 1998 Grammys audience’s and my hearts stopped when Ricky Martin shook his skin-tight black leather-covered bon bon (hips don’t lie!). Between his tight gray sweater and carrying himself bigger than the cup of life, he instantly won me, and the world, over! Having just started my new job at the record label that put out Ricky’s soap’s soundtrack and finding out that my exes’ aunt was a radio star in Puerto Rico I hoped for a breathtaking introduction some day! I figured on the tiny island, a star that big would glow and if I couldn’t find him myself, I’d follow the auntie who must be familia.

LOL! I think Madonna wanted them both – Mad Men!

For years the speculation about his sexual preference ticked me off. I don’t care what people do in their own lives and it’s not our business. When he’s on stage – he’s larger than life. His powerful message, generous spirit and incredible movements drew me in! I can’t help but dance and my mood improves upon hearing his music – even after the millionth time. I still haven’t met him but I can dream!

Tonight, I got distracted by two Sneak Peek videos for Glee: [one] [two]. I got sucked in by videos which led to iPod downloads. I even downloaded LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It, which I dislike, because I LOVE his version! That’s the power of Glee productions and Ricky Martin!

Yes, please be my guardian angel!

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