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My kids and I rushed home with a full agenda for the 90 minutes that we’d be home, but the electricity in the air sparked a magic moment that only happened because we slowed long enough to receive the gift. Driving home, I pitched my plan to do laundry while packing their clothes, dangling the carrot offering to let them to pick the carryout to eat in the car if they did a great cleaning their rooms. They usually balk at tight schedules but were excited to see their Dad and family, so they didn’t argue.

I let them hear the music I downloaded last night, including one unique song called “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. The song found me and takes me on a mental vacation. Its different opener sounds like cartoons tip-toeing into your world. The mood switches to 60’s space-age feel with some of the instruments and spread-out note combos. The song creates a beautiful sunset to their relationship in that you’re glad you witnessed it and look forward to the next one.

Sunsets are the best on the West!

Lately I’ve been trying to extend my son’s comfort zone to loosen him up! When I parked in our long driveway the song still played on my iPhone. I showed my interpretive dancing walk: stepping in double-slow speed to the beat of the tune. I’d step and the rest of that side would follow the wave of movement til my head leaned to that side, and repeat. I retrieved our mail one beat at a time. My son rolled his eyes so hard I heard them hit his brain.

My daughter caught up to me walking in step up our walkway. Out of nowhere she starts perfectly beating the back-beat of the song on her little plastic drum that just happened to be hanging from her neck. I got such sheer joy from the moment that my son became scared that something was wrong with me.

Pixar’s Tin Toy (C) Disney/Pixar

My exuberance may have set his progress back a bit but I loved the moment and couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried. If you see it in a scene someday, it came straight from the pages of my life.

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