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Minimizing morning melees through routines and planning works for most parts of the morning. Trying to prepare sporting things, sign 3-ring binders, and prepping parts of lunch positions us to get out the door on time. Breakfast, however, has yet to hit its stride.

My kids rotate favorite foods they “have to” get, but the love only lasts through three-quarters of the box. I’ve surveyed other moms on their child’s favorite morning menu and introduced some at our house to a chilly reception. Occasionally, to guarantee an early arrival, bribery becomes the meal ticket to a smoothie on the way. Often, they could be serving themselves but they’re still trying to remember their names. The only day they jump out of bed on time to eat more comes with Saturdays and “Saturday [Sugar] Cereal.”

Wanting to mix it up, I finally tried a recipe for Scrambled Egg Muffins. What sold me was the make them in advance and nuke them quickly during the morning rush.

Considering the number of cookbooks I own, I always turn first to online recipes.

There, I tell the computer chef: I have some:

Can you tell what these are? Eggs!

And some:

Don’t cry, take a guess! Onion!

Instantly, it whips up recipe options! If the recipe sounds like a complicated science experiment, I search again for the simpler recipes.

I chopped veggies

Red Peppers and onions, honestly – I eyeball it.

Browned sausage

Cast Iron Skillet a must!

Cracked open a dozen eggs

Don’t crack up – it’s 1 egg per serving!

I’m a sucker for symmetry

Is it an octopus? Yolk’s on me!

Whipped eggs into a frenzy

The chicken beats the eggs!

I split the ingredients evenly into the muffin tin cups then spooned the egg over it

Wound up with extras for whipping up an omelette!

After baking, they easily popped out of the muffin tin – Thanks, Pam!

Shredded cheese binds this comfort food!

The next morning I ruined my daughter’s day by serving my new breakfast.

She knew she couldn’t win against the 1-bite rule!

My son subconsciously smelled the scent of sausage while sleeping so welcomed the taste-test more openly – despite not liking “mixed” foods.

The reviews do not surprise me! In normal fashion, the kids disagree.

If veggies were omitted, it may win raving reviews.

But, when I went to go brush my teeth, my son took another bite without me saying anything – this speaks volumes!

I will try other similar recipes, but perhaps ones a little more muffin-y. Personally, I loved them – especially smothered with sriracha!

CLICK HERE For the full recipe!

If you have other favorite breakfast foods, please share in the comments!


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  1. I love the picture of the thumbs up and thumbs down, haha! I’m going to try out this recipe, it looks like something I would enjoy a lot…oh, and hopefully the rest of the family too. 🙂

    1. So fun! If I think of it, I’ll bring you some tomorrow! If not, they’re super easy! Thanks for wandering through – it’s on my radar to read up on your articles!!

      1. Wahoo! 🙂

        I’m going ot re-open up my wordpress blog (you’ve inspired me). It will be a good balance between my sports writing and my “fun” writing.

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