We needed a slow night. After bidding adieu to friends, we took long baths, got in dryer-warmed jammies and read. Part of my 101 in 1001 is reading all the books on my bookshelf. I started with the largest book with the smallest “chapters”: Oprah’s Big Book of Happiness.

Instant happiness!

Although Richard Branson’s article attracted me to browse, I landed with some 40-something friends and girl-talk! While I didn’t attend their party, I simmered on their questions (except the husband ones as I’m currently husband-free):

1) At age 18, your vision for your future: My goals were to graduate from USC in Psychology and have Antonio Sabato, Jr. or Dolph Lundgren’s kids.
How close did you get? I have the best family! I graduated from USC and refer to Psych 101 regularly. I surprised myself by accomplishing bigger dreams than imagined by completing marathons, a triathlon, working for Disney, and writing daily.

2) Advice you wish you’d received as a youth: Trust yourself: Follow your heart and your gut instincts will guide you while your head makes a plan.

3) Best money spent/biggest waste: In college I bought a Movado watch to keep up with the Trojans. I loved the first hour then felt physically uncomfortable! I kept waiting for machete-wielding locals to chop off my wrist. I was anxious that I’d lose it but still have to pay it off on my maxed card. It was the worst money I spent it so I returned it. It also became the best money I spent because it taught me that “THINGS” don’t produce the feelings I want. I still love nice things – on sale!

4) Best/worst thing about being a woman: The best thing is being strong enough to get things done but you’re allowed to be fragile enough to need help and strong enough to ask for it. Worst are many mens’ stereotypes directed towards Asian females.

5) At this point, is there a dream you’ll never fulfill? Why’re you so sure it’s out of reach? Traveling around the world with my kids on a cruise. It’s my long-shot dream, not completely out of reach.

Simmer on these questions yourself. What would your answers be?

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    1. It’s amazing what kinds of people make up this world! Thank you for wandering by! I often wonder how you get yourself out of the sand to wander through but am glad that you do!

  1. 1. To get as far away from my step-family as I can and well, after many years I finally succeeded.
    2. Don’t let the words and beliefs of others change how you feel. Trust your instinct.
    3. Best money spent : A set of crockery I bought when I was 20. I am still using it. 🙂
    Biggest waste : Buying things for people who did not appreciate or deserve it.
    4. Best thing about being a woman : I can cry whenever I want to and use my hormones as an excuse. LOL!
    Worst thing : Menopause, PMS, etc. You know what I am talking about. 🙂
    5. My biggest dream came true – being surrounded by my loved ones and I am content with what I have. Small dreams I do have and I know they will come true as well. I believe dreams will never be out of reach. We can do whatever we set our minds to.

    LOL! Love the cartoon! Wish I could forget to have that! hehehehe
    Great post hon! 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you! I especially love that you’ve been successful in your dreams and that you too wish that you’d been told to “Trust your instinct!” We get this amazing gift of women’s intuition and don’t develop our ability to use it enough!
      Thank you for wandering by tonight!

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