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After trudging through this week, my instinct to find something good in it rose to the top. Today proved to be less about rest, more about the continual transition to our future. I seized the silent moment – between the finish line of the weekend, and the starting line for the next one – to reflect on the gifts thrown in my path.

1) Listening to past friends – I enjoyed lunch with 4 co-workers who worked together with me elsewhere, and again at my current job. Lunch never lasts long enough. I also ate with people, dropping our old job boundaries, with no hidden agenda besides celebrating one of us.

2) My son’s Cub Scout Den all decided to bridge to the same Boy Scout Troop even though many – including us – considered going with friends to Troops outside the city. Forming and building life-long friendships and connections ranks close to the top of my wish list for my children.

3) My daughter and son both love their baseball/softball teams and coaches. While it doubles the strain on our week, attending practice in two leagues in opposite ends of the city. My daughter shines in her element on the diamond. My son’s love for the sport blossomed – as did his batting skill – in just a few weeks!

4) I’ve received positive feedback on my blogging and that feels amazing! I cling to the mantra of “If I could just touch one person with my writing, it’ll all have been worth it” – it’s true.

5) I got to see 2 unexpectedly good films this weekend. After avoiding Real Steel for as long as possible, it surprisingly touched and entertained me! As a part of “My Day, Part II,” we saw Hugo – my new favorite! I loved the thought that the world operates as a big machine and each part of the mechanism has purpose – extra pieces carrying no purpose do not exist.

6) Perspective. After the tragedy in this week, my divorce seemed mild.

This merely scratched the surface and I’m grateful for many more Sundays to continue to call out those moments that I’m most grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

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    1. Loving your rhyming there! And the timing where I can’t help but tap my knee.
      I appreciate your feedback so I wrote back, yours too is really lovely!
      …thanks for wandering through!

  1. I coach high school and middle school girl’s basketball. I can tell you personally what a blessing it is for your coaches to hear that your children are having fun; that’s what it’s all about! Congratulations on a positive perspective to your week. I think it’s a good way to look at life.

    1. What a rewarding job/hobby that must be to coach basketball! I love seeing people achieve their personal best and even stretch beyond what they believe they’re capable of! Thank you for wandering through!

  2. Another Gratitude Sunday blogger! Thanks for commenting on my post, and I’m glad you found many things to be grateful for this week too. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

    1. I thought I wrote back but maybe I didn’t. Thank you for suggesting the Gratitude Sunday blogging! I wanted to do something like that but always would forget til I happened to read yours first that day! YAY! Thank you!

  3. I loved Hugo!!! I was so awe-inspired by the subtle messages and the big ones. Along with the darks and lights of the picture itself…

  4. I’m grateful that you found me in blogland. Your perspectives are refreshing. Thanks for following my blog and commenting!

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