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I’m knocking on wood and rubbing rabbit’s feet that since I’m answering this question in writing, the laws of attraction won’t bring me a big challenge to test my sincerity.   I don’t ever like to say things against people like swearing on their lives and such.  It’s not that I’m a liar, it’s just that I don’t feel like someone’s else’s life is mine to use to swear on.  So to dream up a scenario where I have to imagine breaking the law, as my loved one’s only chance of survival, makes me super uncomfortable, as if I’m tempting fate.

Healing Heart

So, the answer is – it depends.  I absolutely confirm that there are two incidences where I’ve ignored traffic signals for the safety of my college girls and me.  Once, returning to campus, we got off a few exits too early in the wee hours.  We were lost in South Central and made the executive decision to cry if we had to if pulled over.  [For the record: That is not a guaranteed method of escaping tickets – in fact it’s never worked for me.] Another time was the first morning after the LA Riots started and as many girls as could fit in my Sentra and I were fleeing to San Diego.  On the way to the freeway a huge mob of people tore down the street and while they appeared to be heading towards a shop, we weren’t taking any chances so when the coast was clear we leaped across the road, home free!

Have I driven too fast getting one of us to the ER? Yes!

Did I park in the closer handicapped spots? No.

Do I realize that if I am speeding along that I increase the odds of fender benders. Yes.

If I knew my special someone would die without a kidney transplant, would I bump their name up to the top or buy a kidney on the black market? No.

I suppose the invisible line would be the separation between misdemeanors and harsher crimes.  I would do whatever it took to save loved ones.  But perhaps I’m being too literal.  Bottom line, I’d never intentionally harm another to save my family.

I have to believe the soul would not want us breaking laws.

What about you?
Would you break the law to save a loved one?
If you answer, drop your links in the comments!
This question came from Marc & Angel’s 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

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